Terms at The Top Domestic Cleaning

Terms Cleaning CompanyBe guided accordingly with our Terms and Conditions

Please read and be guided with the Terms and Conditions of The Top Domestic Cleaning in London.

Offered Cleaning Prices:

1. Our cleaning company will provide you with an estimated price when you call us over the phone to make a booking.

2. We have the right to make any changes with the initial quote which will depend if the customer makes any changes or under any other circumstances that will lead to a change in price quotation after the inspection of the area to be cleaned.

3. We will issue changes in the initial quotes provided that the room size that requires cleaning is bigger than the given size during the initial price quotation.

1. You must provide us with electricity and water on the area that requires cleaning. Any circumstances that will lead to its unavailability will be subjected to an additional charge.

2. You must provide us with access to the area that requires cleaning. The keys that will be provided should be able to access the area without any extra efforts.

3. You must turn off your alarm system when the cleaning service arrives to avoid any unnecessary disturbance or extra effort. In any other cases that you will not be able to switch off the alarm, you must give clear instructions on how to disable and enable it to our cleaning service crew.

4. You must provide the cleaning service crew with sufficient parking space which is close to the property that requires cleaning.

1. Our cleaning company accept cash payment in our office upon completion of the requested work.
2. No payments will be given to any of the cleaning service crew.
3. Payments should only be given to accounting personnel in our office.
4. In case the cash payment is not received right after the completion of the work, a grace period of 3 days is given.
5. Legal actions will be taken by the company if in case the payment is still not received within the given grace period.
6. Upfront payments for bank transfers will only be accepted.
7. Check payments are also accepted upon the completion of the cleaning service.
8. Check should be handed out only to our accounting personnel and should not be given to any service crew.

1. For any cancellations or rescheduling, we should be notified 48 hours prior to the date of the actual cleaning service. Failure to comply will be subjected to an added service fee.
2. For any reason of termination of the service should be in writing with the explanation of the reason and should be given 1 month prior to the actual service.
3. You will still pay the full amount of the service if you failed to notify us about the cancellation or termination.
4. Cancellation or rescheduling of the service can be done on the office, by email or by phone.
5. We can refuse the cleaning job if the area is deemed as dangerous.
6. In any case of emergencies, we can cancel or reschedule the cleaning service appointment.

1. We will not be responsible if any third party will enter your premises during the time of the service.
2. We are not liable for any loss in cash or any item that is of value within the property.
3. We will fix any damage if proven that our cleaning service crew is responsible.

1. No refund claims will be accepted once the job has been completed. The Top Domestic Cleaning will return to re do the service if you are not satisfied.
2. Acceptable refund claims would only be during of cancellation or termination of contract provided that a part or the whole payment has already been taken out by the company.

For more information about our terms and conditions, feel free to call us at 020 3322 8905.